EasyStreet PCS

Payment & Communication Solutions

EasyStreet has been providing ATMs to small, medium, and large size retailers.
­Since 2004


EasyStreet PCS is your Turn-key Soulution

Banks predominantly start with locating ATM's in their branches. That establishes the primary ATM (Core) network. Remote ATMs are installed at places where foot-traffic is high and/or where Banks need to offer more presence and convience for their customers

When Banks have and interest in placing remote ATM's, EasyStreet PCS researchs areas of intrest where the bank should have its off-site ATM installed. Such research is grouped by various parameters:

Estimated traffic per day

Location popularity

Weekend or Weekday traffic (or both?)

Rough estimation of transaction size in such a location

Other ATMs in the vicinity

Nearest Bank ATM

Communication & Power infrastructure

Brand Management (Exposure)

Competition Factor (if there are multiple ATMs in the same location)

Vestibule Preference


EasyStreet does all the work for you.

We research locations for all the parameters listed above.

We negotiate a lease with the location. The lease is between the location and EasyStreet

We purchase and install the ATM.

We maintain and repair the ATM.

We use EasyStrret Funds to fulfill the ATM.

We assume all liabilities and insurance


We offer a flat rate monthley fee to the Bank based on monthley no surcharge cost to Bank customers.


EasyStreet PCS is your Turn-key Soulution