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We offer Web based, Mobile and Terminal Credit Card Solutions

Payment Gateway

Facilitate quick, efficient and secure credit, debit and ACH payments online

◦Virtual Terminal
◦Reconciliation & Reporting
◦Recurring Billing
◦Electronic Billing & Invoicing
◦Batch Credit Card Processing
◦Large Ticket Processing
◦Corporate Cards
◦Mail & Telephone Credit Card Processing
◦Software Plugins for Integrated Payments

Mobile Credit Card Processing

Stay connected and accept payments any time, from anywhere:
◦Android Credit Card Processing

POS Systems

Authorize transactions quickly and efficiently at the point of sale:
◦EMV Credit Card Processing
◦Payment Terminals
◦Retail Solutions
◦Restaurant Solutions
◦Non-Profit Solutions
◦Hotel Solutions

PCI Compliance

Comply with PCI DSS standards for reduced risk and reduced costs:
◦Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE)
◦Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
◦Hosted Payment Page
◦Fraud Management Tools

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